Moving to Hugo

Moving my blog from Ghost to Hugo
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Getting Started in Web Development

Recently, I was asked by a friend of mine how he would go about getting started in web development. So, I figured I would write a blog post on it and help him out, along with anyone else who might stumble across this.

I started out using Code School and Treehouse. I read a ton of blog posts and fumbled my way through books reading about a lot of things I didn’t understand. I also tried to complete every tutorial I came across. Finally, I found The Odin Project which explains things in a more organized way and gives you a learning map, if you will.

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Email Newsletter Adventure

I was recently tasked with building out an email newsletter. Honestly, I was dreading the task. Luckily, I did a bit of research before I started out on this adventure and found Foundation for Emails. It’s well documented and even has a CLI.

Getting started is as simple as npm install -g foundation-cli and then foundation new --framework emails. Once complete, you are ready to start coding an email using Inky, Foundation’s email templating language. Inky allows you to write <column> and <row> instead of writing out your emails in a table.

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Ghost & Docker

Since I have had this blog up and running, I’ve been using ghost with a Digital Ocean virtual machine. If you’re looking to go that route, I have written a quick tutorial on that here. I have not had any issues, but since I have been using Docker more and more, I decided it was finally time to throw my blog into a container. I have to admit, it took a few days and a bit of research. Maybe I’m still new at this whole coding thing, I know I have a ton to learn, but seriously?

I ran into a few hiccups, but I did finally find a solution. I am using the Official Docker Ghost Image. It briefly describes how to get it up and running. Well, almost… The commands given will end up giving you an error:

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Node Email Templates

I have been looking for a straight forward way to use email templates in a contact form. I have searched and searched with no real success. So, I thought I would write a tutorial on how to build a (very!) simple contact page that uses an email template. This uses Express, Nodemailer and node-email-templates.

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